ENT associated products

We stock a small variety of Ent associated merchandise which are available via our office.


Ear band-it

Colorful neoprene scarf with Velcro like fastenings.

Enables to save you swimmers’ ear.

Recommended for swimmers with grommets or ear drum perforations.

Comfy and clean to wear.

Small- age 1-3yrs pink/blue

Medium- age four-9yrs pink/blue

Massive – age 10-adult purple/blue

Ear plugs

Enables to maintain water out of the ear canal

Secure and non-toxic

Soft and smooth to fit

Colorful so clean to find in a pool or tub

Fee (packs of three with a small carry case)




The ENT balloon is a tool designed to alleviate the unpleasant signs purpose with the aid of negative stress inside the center ear.

Commonly the strain within the middle ear is equalized by using yawning or swallowing. If these mechanisms are not entirely powerful poor pressure within the center ear takes place.

Inflating the Best ENT Doctor in Lahore through the nose creates advantageous strain in the nasopharynx that can equalize this bad strain through the Eustachian tube.

ENT should simplest be used with the recommendation of your health practitioner.